What should I bring to the session?

  • Full session payment (cash or personal check accepted.) This is due before photographing begins. I will provide the contracts.
  • Combs/brushes, makeup, mirror for light touch-ups.
  • I will have some props to use during the session, but if there is a special item or prop you would like to incorporate, bring it along!

Where will we go for the session?

  •  Locations will be in and around Fond du Lac. If a more distant location is desired, a travel fee may apply.
  • Depending on the type of session, we will go to one or more locations.
  •  I have a variety of great locations to choose from. I will present these ideas to you during our consultation. From field, to alley ways, to old buildings, to tree-lined trails, many places can provide excellent backdrops.
  •  For any location we go to, you can be assured it will be safe. I will not go on private property without permission from the property owner. Some locations I use are private property that I have been granted permission to use.
  •  I try to pick original locations. I do not want your photos looking the same as everyone else’s in town!

What should I wear? How should I look?

  • Solid colors work best. Some patterns are acceptable, but in many cases patterns can be very distracting from the face. Simple plaid or floral patterns seem to work well. Avoid stripes, polka dots, or high-contrasting colors.
  •  Avoid wearing anything with words, graphics, or large brand logos. It might be trendy now, but it’s very distracting from the face and in a few years you might dislike having a brand name front-and-center.
  • Avoid shirts that are very low-cut or midriff-bearing. It is best to dress classic and tasteful. (Think about your family, your friends, and your employer potentially seeing the photos!)
  •  Pick a few trendy outfits, and a few classic timeless outfits. Timeless shirts can be polo shirts, buttoned blouses, sweaters, or solid long-sleeve. Keep in mind that jeans come in many different styles. If you want to wear a very trendy-now pair of jeans, also pick a simple more classic pair for some of the photos.
  •  Accessorize minimally with jewelry, hats, or scarves. These items can be nice accent pieces, but don’t over-do it.
  •  Make sure you are wearing clean shoes!
  •  It is good to wear your makeup the normal way you wear it. Don’t over-do it. If you have a blemish, use makeup like you normally would to cover it up but Photoshop can easily take care of the rest.
  •  Haircuts should be done a few weeks prior to portrait session. You don’t want the “just cut” look, but your hair should look nice.
  •  Any time there are multiple people being photographed, be sure to coordinate colors and styles with everyone. You don’t have to wear the same color, but make sure the colors and/or patterns work well with each other. (For instance, if two people are wearing earth tones, don’t let the third person wear something bright! And if one person wears plaid, have the other wear something solid.)
  •  White may not be the best choice on a sunny day. It tends to become washed-out and reflects light.
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